I am Ognen.

I am IT solutions architect at an NGO. Part of my work is to travel in various countries and I use that experience when traveling with my family. I love technology and love to use new gadgets. I travel with a bag full of equipment and gadgets trying to catch the best moments of our trips. But often I put the camera down just to enjoy the sunset with my lovely family.

I am Maya

I work with non actors on movies, TV series and commercials. I love nature and adventures. Natural parks, flora and fauna, interesting designs and adventure activities are my favorites. Traveling with my family is my best part of the year. It’s a quality family time when I always get surprised how my boys got so mature in such short period.

I am Matej

I’m in primary school. I love IT technology and inventions. I enjoy the nature but I also like to see how other countries find modern solutions on various problems. I find amazing Tech museums, electric cars, subway systems and especially airports. If there is a wi fi around I will find it. If anything is too complicated I will crack it.

I am Luka

I’m 7 years younger than my brother. I’m at primary school. I love summer and summer activities. Love to climb, swim, play and everything that is new and fun. Sometimes I get bored while waiting and I do funny things that my parents record. I don’t like watching my self doing silly things.