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Want a tourist location with only a hand full of tourists, with a lake, and fun day trips around it? Then look no further than Arona – Italy, a city on lake Maggiore, with all of the tourist stuff, but none of the tourist hustle.


If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in a small town in France, then look no further than Strasbourg.

Perledo / Varenna

A very small but very charming small cities on lake Como that have many things to offer. Explore the many villas of the rich and famous, or just enjoy the lake view from one of the many viewpoints.


See why Annecy is known as the pearl of the French alps, with it’s charming canals, houses, it’s churches and castle, it’s beaches and shopping.


A blend of a sky bars and infinity pools with old buddhist temples and traditional living. All of this coexisting in one place – Bangkok. Traversing this megapolis is the biggest challenge to discovering all of it’s hidden beauties, which it has plenty of.

Pattaya – Thailand

A typical tourist location with plenty to offer. From white sandy beaches on the near by islands, cheap and delicious street food, cheap drinks and women. What sounds like an ideal vacation spot, may hide much more

Havana – Cuba

Hidden away from prying eyes of the world, Cuba is opening up for tourism for everyone to see. We went in for a sneak peak, and we’re sharing our impressions of Cuba and the most exciting places we could find: Havana, Trinidad, Varadero.

Chavon River Tour

Exploring Dominican Republic with private tours Our best experiences in DR were definitely the private tours we arranged with two different operators. There were so many tour offers in DR that it was hard to decide which one to take. Be aware that they fill up very...

Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo

To add a bit of diversity to our Cuba trip, we decided to spend a week in the Dominican Republic. It’s close enough we thought, and it’s sort of like seeing both sides of the tale, one stuck in the 60-ties, while the other kept up with the times. And we decided to have that week in the middle of our Cuba trip, as a break in case we get overwhelmed by the experience there. And boy, were we happy that we did.

Los Haitises National Park – Dominican Republic

Los Haitises National Park Tour The second tour was arranged by to Los Haitises National Park. The guide was at the door on time, waiting for us in large comfy minivan. Departure time was very early so the kids just continued to sleep almost all...

Trinidad – Cuba

Trinidad is a small place with a few attractions that are fun to see and experience. Try to find a decent accommodation if you can, walk around the colonial center, and visit the center at night when everyone crowds in to cool off with cheap mojitos.

Rome – the city of love

Rome is definitely one of those cities that no matter where you turn, you somehow manage to find an attraction, monument, or a piece of history. It was fun to get lost in the small cobbled streets with so much going on around you.

Phu Quock island – Vietnam

Although relatively undeveloped when it comes to tourism, this small island hides treasures for those willing to explore it

Hanoi – Vietnam

City of mopeds / scooters Hanoi is a town of scooters / mopeds. We’ve never seen so many scooters on the road. You could see entire families riding together, father at the wheel, mother in the back and the kids compressed in the middle. It was by far the number one...

Vietnam – Ha Long Bay

For a surrealistic scenery that you can’t believe your eyes and Instagram photos that everyone will envy, there’s no place on the planet like this. Seriously!

Seville – Spain

For an amazing mix of history, great food, all packed in a small city you can walk around in, with a few day trips in between then come to Seville and experience it!


Overall Barcelona is an amazing city with an incredible amount of things to see and do there. We’d definitely recommend this as a city you have to see before you die. 

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