Our summer 2018 trip was dedicated to some of the nicest little European cities/villages. We landed in Basel, Switzerland at Euro Airoport that is an airport with exits to three countries: Switzerland, Germany and France. After you pick up your language you chose the side in which country you want to exit. We headed to France. At the french exit we found local bus that goes to the nearest village Saint Lous where we hopped on the train to Strasbourg. There were no direct buses to Strasbourg there, at least not at the afternoon.

Welcome to Strasbourg

Our first stop on our vacation – Strasbourg was a very pleasant surprise. Not very big city but so charming, calm, ideal for day or night walks. The old city is especially charming. A little bit like Amsterdam with all those bridges above the canals. Interesting Middle Age houses, a lot of greenery all around.

From the train station

In to the old town

With the many canals

And irresistible houses

boat tours to see them all

and bridges to bind them

La Pettit France

The best of Strasbourg is undoubtably La Pettit France, part of the old town with little cobbled streets  narrowing up and down, connected with small bridges above the canal.

Old houses, some towers, little squares and a covered bridge with a great scenic view over the towers and the river (if you get on top of it). At night it is so vibrant here, with all the restaurants full, and people just walking the streets light up by the yellow glow of the street lights. The is just something so liberating and fulfilling to walk here at night.

During the summer nights, there is a LUX light and music show, where they use light projections over existing buildings to make a spectacular show. 

Another night LUX show is projected on a screen stretched above the little square next to the Notre Dam cathedral. It was so romantic, laying at the square on a hot night in July, watching the show and the cathedral at same time. The kids loved it. Cathedral is a must see of course. The entrance is free and you can see the famous astrological clock inside. There is a bell tower you can climb for a great view over the old town for a fee.

Pettite France

At night there's light shows

LUX projections on buildings

It's just so romantic

Mid air projection along side the cathedral

Kleber square

Near the cathedral you will find the Kleber square where at night people are gathering for a simple chit chat. Wherever you go trough the old town you will discover something especially cute food stores for cheese, pastries, french salami, wine etc. France smells so delicious.

European institutions

Visit of Strasbourg is not complete without a walk to the European institutions: Council of Europe, European Parliament and European Court of Human Rights. It is an easy walk (half an hour walking from the old city) and depends on your route you will pass a lot of embassies on your way there. Across the Council of Europe there is a park (Park de l’Orangerie) with a children playground and a little zoo. The park is small but it is interesting for kids of young age.

EU Parliament

Human Rights Court

Council of Europe

Bridge to Germany

Strasbourg lies very near the german border. Rhine Bridge divides the two city Strasbourg and Kehl as well as the two countries France and Germany. It is around 7km from the city centre and we walked to there, crossed the bridge and caught a tram to Strasbourg for the way back.

What we didn’t like are the prices for transportation in France. It was a bit spicy to get from one town to another. For example a family ticket to Colmar which is on a half hour from Strasbourg was around 45 € one way. A trip to Baden Baden in Germany which is 60 km away from Strasbourg would cost around 170 € one way for the whole family. A car is a better deal for touring the little villages or near towns around Strasbourg.